Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And what about michael curry they say he almost died

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Unformatted text preview: es, and lo and behold, Commander's Palace was still there. She could see the awnings all the way from here. How many a year had it been since she dined inside! Of course Gifford was always begging to take her. Lunch with Gifford at Commander's, and Ryan such a proper shiny-faced boy. Hard to believe a child like that was a Mayfair, a great-grandson of Julien. But more and more the Mayfairs had taken on that shiny look. Gifford always ordered the Shrimp Remoulade, and never spilt a drop of the sauce on her scarf or her blouse. Gifford. Nothing really could have happened to Gifford. "Young man," she said. He walked beside her holding her arm, perplexed, superior, con- fused, proud. "What happened to my grandchild? Tell me. What did Fielding Mayfair tell you? I am so distraught. Don't think me a forgetful old woman, and let go of my arm. I don't need you. What happened to Gifford Mayfair, I'm asking you now." "I don't know for sure, ma'am," he said. "They found her i...
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