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And within seconds he had found the door seen the

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Unformatted text preview: rkening heavily and quickly, and the five o'clock traffic was about as unpleasant as it could get. Dr. Samuel Larkin drove slowly past the Mark Hopkins, though whatever they called that hotel now he didn't know, and down Califor- nia Street, crawling patiently behind a noisy crowded cable car, won- dering vaguely at the perseverance of the tourists who clung to it, in the dark and in the cold, their clothes soaked. He was careful not to skid on the car tracks-the bane of out-of-town drivers-and he gave the cable car a head start as the light changed. Then he made his descent towards Market Street, block after block, past the pretty exotic wooden entrance to Chinatown, a route which he always found slightly frightening and very beautiful, and which often reminded him of his first years in this city, when one could ride the cable car to work with ease, and the Top of the Mark had indeed been the highest point in the city, and none of these Manhattan sky- scrapers were here at all. How could Rowan Mayfair have eve...
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