Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Another lock and that fragrance the soft good fra

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Unformatted text preview: not suggest that you or I will ever see or speak to Rowan Mayfair again." Eleven THE NOTE was waiting for him when he picked up his ticket for New Orleans. Call London at once. "Yuri, Anton wants to talk to you." It was not a voice he knew. "He wants you to stay in New York until Erich Stolov gets there. Erich can meet you in New York tomorrow afternoon." "Why is that, do you think?" asked Yuri. Who was this person? He had never heard this voice before, and yet this person spoke as if she knew him. "He thinks you'll feel better if you talk to Stolov." "Better? Better than what?" As far as he was concerned, there was nothing he would say to Stolov that he had not said to Anton Marcus. He could not understand this decision at all. "We've arranged a room for you, Yuri," said the woman. "We have you booked at the St. Regis. Erich will call you tomorrow afternoon. Shall we send a car for you? Or will you take a cab?" Yuri thought about it. In les...
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