Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Are you going to listen you realize our mothers are

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Unformatted text preview: s is all clumsy, hasty. Impolite. I don't know. This is not the Tala- masca to me." "Yuri, the Order expected your complete obedience. It had a right to expect it." For the first time, the man displayed a tiny bit of anger. He laid his napkin down on the table, rudely, beside his fork. Dirty napkin on the table. Napkin smeared with sugar and stained with droplets of coffee. Yuri stared at it. "Yuri," said Stolov. "Women have died in the last forty-eight hours. This doctor, Samuel Larkin, is probably dead too. Rowan Mayfair will die sometime during the next few weeks. The Elders did not expect that you would cause them trouble at this hour. They did not anticipate that you would add to their burdens, any more than they anticipated Aaron's disloyalty." "Disloyalty?" "I told you. He won't leave the family. But he is an old man. There is nothing he can do against Lasher. There never was!" Anger again. Yuri sat back. He thought for a lon...
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