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As it turned out augustins descendants left our land

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Unformatted text preview: as born in the Highlands, a merry-begot, bastard child of the May revels, and her father was most likely the lord of the land himself, and did not raise a finger when her mother, Su- zanne, was burnt at the stake, a poor persecuted witch who knew almost nothing." "Aye," he said. "So it was. So it was! My poor Suzanne, who called me from the depths like a child who pulls a snake from a deep pond without knowing. Stringing syllables in the air, she called my name, and I heard her. L./I a as^ss. "And it was indeed the lord of the land, the chief of the Clan of Donnelaith, who got her with child and then shivered in fear when they burnt her! Donnelaith. Can you see that word? Can you make it in letters? Go there and see the ruins of the castle I laid waste. See the graves of the last of that clan, stricken from the earth, until such time as . . ." "Until such time as what?" And then it said nothing more, but went back again to caressing me. I was musing. "And you?&quot...
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