Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Ashlar would come again where would it be next time

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Unformatted text preview: voice speaking at last? No time, no past, no future, no memory . . . Only a dim vision of warm flesh through the mist, a blurred entity reaching upwards from the circle. And her childlike answer, her laughter, her love: "My Lasher, that's who you are, you are my avenger, my Lasher, come!" Thirty-seven LASHER SAT silent with his hands flat on the table, his head bowed. Michael said nothing, but cautiously looked up at Clement Norgan, and then at Aaron, and at Erich Stolov. He could see the compassion in Aaron's face. Erich Stolov was amazed. Lasher's face was very calm, almost serene. The tears were there again, these tears he wears like jewels, Michael thought, and Michael shuddered all over as if trying to break the spell of the being's beauty, of its soft even voice. "I am yours, gentlemen," said Lasher in the same gentle manner, gazing at Erich Stolov. "I have come to you after all these centuries to ask for your help. You offered it to me once; you told me your purpose; I didn't b...
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