Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

At rowan mayfairs wedding that horrid lauren mayfair

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Unformatted text preview: elevator. Yes, he would have to do some shopping. But that was fine. Lightner had the key in hand. The suite was ready for Lark. And Lark was ready for breakfast. Yeah, she was afraid of that all right, Lark thought, as they went up in the elevator. She had even said something like, If this thing can breed . . . Of course he hadn't known then what the hell she was talking about. But she'd known. Anyone else, you might think this was a hoax or something. But not Rowan Mayfair. Well, he was too hungry just now to think about it anymore. Eight IT WAS not her custom to speak into the phone when she answered it. She would pick up the receiver, hold it to her ear; then if someone spoke, someone she knew, perhaps she would answer. Ryan knew this. And he said immediately into the silence: "Ancient Evelyn, something dreadful has happened." "What is it, son?" she asked, identifying herself with an uncommon warmth. Her voice sounded frail and small to her, not the voice of herself which she had always know...
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