Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

At any moment the brain might stop giving orders the

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Unformatted text preview: kind of damage produced by shock, drug overdose, an allergic reaction, a sudden rise in insulin; I am quoting her physicians now to you. I'm telling you what they are telling the other members of the family. "They know she cannot recover. And her own wishes regarding such situations are in writing. As the designee of the legacy she laid down her own medical instructions for such a crisis. That once a negative prognosis had been confirmed, she be removed from life sup- port and taken home." Stolov looked at his watch, a rather hideous contraption full of tiny dials and digital letters. "They are probably taking her home now." He looked at Yuri. "Aaron is most surely with them. Give Aaron some time." "I'll give you exactly twenty minutes. Explain yourself. Then I'm going on." "All right. This individual-Lasher-he is very dangerous. He is unique as far as anyone knows. He is trying desperately to propagate. There is some evidence that some members of the Mayfair family might be useful to...
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