Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

At the bank she was quick and efficient she hadnt

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Unformatted text preview: brought things for you. New clothes. I've brought flowers. I'll make a bower of our secret place. Everything is waiting by the elevators. You will be so surprised." "You think so?" "Oh yes, you will be pleased, you'll see. You're only tired and hungry. Yes, hungry. Oh, you must have food." "And when you leave me again, you'll tie me up with white satin ribbon?" How harsh her voice was, how filled with utter contempt. She shut her eyes. Without thinking, she raised her right hand and touched her face. Yes, muscles and joints were beginning to work again. He went out, and she struggled to sit up and she caught the floating cloth and began to wash herself. The bath was polluted. Too much filth. Flakes of human excrement, her excrement, floated on the surface of the water. She felt nausea again, and lay back until it was gone. Then she bent forward, her back aching, and she pulled up the stopper, LASHER fingers still numb and weak and clumsy, and she turned on the flood again to wash away the tiny crusted curls of dirt. She lay back, feeling the...
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