Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Beatrice had always taken that position she was the

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Unformatted text preview: red for the birth of this being. But then ... I am not sure anyone knew that such a thing was really possible. And now ... it is too late. "This thing will surely try to kill Aaron. It will try to kill you. It will try to kill me once it knows that I am involved in this investigation. That is why something has changed with the Talamasca. That is why something, as you said, is not right. The Elders have bolted the doors; the Elders would assist the family, yes, insofar as they can. But the Elders will not allow our members to be placed in jeopardy. They will not stand by idle as this thing seeks to invade our archives, and destroy our priceless records. As I said . . . these things have happened before. We have a mode for such assaults." "Yet it isn't an emergency." "No, it is merely another way of operating. A tightening of security; a protective concealment of evidence; a demand for blind obedience on the part of those in danger. That you, and that Aaron go back to the Motherhouse...
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