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Best not to think of those things gifford in the

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Unformatted text preview: g moment. He stared at the napkin. The man picked it up, wiped his mouth with it again and laid it back down. Yuri stared at it. "I want to communicate with the Elders," said Yuri. "I want to know these things from them." "Of course. Take Aaron with you today. Take him to New York. You're tired. Rest first if you will, but only in a location known to us. Then go. And when you reach New York, you can contact the Elders. You will have time. You can discuss this between you, you and Aaron, and then you must go on back to London. You must go home." Yuri stood up. He laid the napkin on the chair. "Are you coming with me to see Aaron?" "Yes, maybe it is for the best that you are here. Maybe it is for the best, for on my own I don't know that I could ever have convinced him to leave here. We'll go now. It's time I talked to him myself." "You mean you have not done that?" "Yuri, I have my hands full, as they say. And Aaron is not coopera- tive n...
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