Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Boy the mayfairs sure ate themselves sick when they

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Unformatted text preview: na supposed to do with all the things Julien had told her in these dreams? The dense murky murals were surprisingly visible to her in the darkness-Riverbend Plantation, where Julien had been born-and its quaint world of sugar mill, slave cabins, stables and carriages moving along the old river road. But then she had cat's eyes, didn't she? Always had. She loved the darkness. She felt safe and at home in it. It made her want to sing. Impossible to explain to people how good she felt when she roamed alone in the darkness. She walked around the long stable, now all cleared and stripped and polished, though only hours ago it had held the last Mardi Gras ban- quet complete with frosted King cakes, and a silver punch bowl full of champagne. Boy, the Mayfairs sure ate themselves sick when they came to First Street, she thought. Everybody was just so happy that Michael was willing to keep the place going though Rowan had flat-out disap- peared, and under suspicious circumstances. Did Michael know where she was? Aunt Bea had said, with tears i...
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