Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Brendan and of course the picts were up there before

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Unformatted text preview: I wish I could tell you the story of all this, because in a way, everything a man does is part of the moral fabric of who he is, and what he is. And this was never more true than with me. But there isn't time. So let me only explain that no matter how close I was to wife, lovers, i'V^children, it was Mary Beth who was my friend, who shared the SeJret of the knowledge of Lasher and all its burdens and dangers. New Orleans was, throughout that period, vice-ridden, and a great place for whoring, gambling, and merely watching the spectacle of life in all its seediness and violence. I adored it, felt fearless in its midst and pursued my passions. And Mary Beth, disguised as a boy, went with me everywhere. While I protected my sons somewhat, sending them 323 off to Eastern schools and preparing them for the world at large, I nurtured Mary Beth with much stronger ingredients. Mary Beth was the single most intelligent human being I have ever known. There was nothing in business or politics or any realm which she could not grasp. She was cool, relentless, logical, but above all imaginatively brill...
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