Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But god i swear it in my soul of souls it is not

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Unformatted text preview: black hair; that he is some form of mutant. We know now that Edith and Alicia suffered miscarriages. We know from the superficial autopsy results that this individual was the cause of them. We know that embryonic development in at least two cases was vastly accelerated, and that the mothers went into shock within hours of impregnation. We expect any minute to have Houston confirm similar findings in the cases of Lind- say and Clytee." "Ah, that was her name, Clytee," said Pierce. He realized suddenly that they were all looking at him. He hadn't meant to speak out loud. "The point is, it is not a disease," said Randall, "and it is an individ- ual." "And the individual is seeking to mate," said Lauren coldly. "The individual is seeking members of this family which may have genetic abnormalities which render them compatible with the individual." "And we also know," said Randall, "that this individual is seeking his victims among the mo...
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