Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But i could see now that the daemon did not want me

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Unformatted text preview: s what makes up this doll, and within the hour of her death, I had taken the spittle from her mouth and soaked its face, and the blood she had vomited, and smeared that as well LASHER on the doll beneath its clothing. Now hold it and you will see that she is here." She put the doll in my hands, and in a flash I saw the living Marie Claudette! I was knocked backwards by the shock. I stared down at this thing of cloth. I squeezed it again and there she stood, motionless for an instant, staring at me. I called out to her. I did this over and over again, summoning her, seeing her, calling to her, and then losing her. "This is nothing," I said. "She is not there." "No, no, but she is and she speaks to me." "I don't believe it." I squeezed the doll once more and said, "Grandmere, tell me the truth," and then I heard a tiny voice in my head which said, "I love you, Julien." Of course I knew it was not Marie Claudette speaking to me. It was Las...
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