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But i didnt see him myself have you seen him why are

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Unformatted text preview: angelic child would visit me again. In the dark of the night, I talked to the Victrola. I told it to hold the spell. Of course I did not believe in these things. I had steadfastly refused to believe in them. Yet now I pared my nails and slipped them in between the bottom wood and the side wood. I clipped my hair, and slipped that beneath the turntable. I bit my fingers and drew blood and smeared it into the dark stain. I made the thing like a doll of myself, like the witches' dolls, and I sang the waltz. I played the waltz and said, "Come back, come back. Be at hand if they need you. Be at hand if they call you. Come back, come back." I was possessed of a terrible vision, that I was dead and rising and the light was coming, and that I turned my back on it, and plummeted with my arms out, digging deep into an air which became thicker and thicker, as dense as it was dark. Earthbound. And it seemed the night was choked with spirits like mine, lost souls, fools, fearing hell, and not believing in Paradise. An...
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