Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But i feel the pressing need to be with aaron the

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Unformatted text preview: the first decisive signal to Yuri that something was really wrong. Early on Christmas Eve in New Orleans, Aaron called Yuri in London. He said, "This is my most difficult time. There are things I want to do and the Order will not allow it. I have to remain here in the country, and I want to be in the town. What have I always taught you, Yuri? That obeying the rules is of absolute importance. Would you repeat those words of advice to me?" "But what would you do if you could, Aaron?" asked Yuri. Aaron said terrible trouble was about to happen to Rowan Mayfair, and that Rowan needed him, and he ought to go to her and do what he could. But the Elders had forbidden it. The Elders had told him to keep to the Motherhouse of Oak Haven and that he couldn't "inter- vene." "Aaron," said Yuri, "all through the story of the Mayfair Witches we have tried-and failed-to intervene. Surely it's not safe for you to be close to these people, any more than it was for Stuart Townsend or...
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