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But i had to try something mary beth had started to

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Unformatted text preview: ma of Oncle Julien suggesting it to her, that Michael was a splendid conquest, and telling her how when Ancient Evelyn was only thirteen-Mona's age-Oncle Julien had bedded her in the attic at First Street, and from that illicit union had been born poor Laura Lee, the mother of Gifford and Alicia. Oncle Julien had given Ancient Evelyn the Victrola then and said, "Take it out of the house before they come. Take it away and keep it . . ." ". . . It was a mad scheme. I never believed in witchcraft, you must understand, Mona. But I had to try something. Mary Beth had started to burn my books even before the end. She burnt them on the lawn outside, as if I were a child without rights or dignity. The Victrola was a little voodoo, magic, a focus of my will." All that had been very clear and understandable when she dreamed it but even by the next day the "mad scheme" was largely lost. OK. The Victrola. Oncle Julien wants me to have it. Witchcraft, my favorite thing. And look what had happened to the damned Victrola, so far...
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