Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But i remembered my mother she was no pure one she

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Unformatted text preview: Father, God the Holy Spirit-it was all one. I saw this with perfect clarity almost immediately. I saw it so completely that theological questions made me laugh. By the time I left Italy, I was a priest of God, a renowned preacher, a singer of canticles, a sometime healer and a man who brought conso- lation or happiness to all he knew. But let me now explain with greater care: From the beginning, my innocent manner and my directness aston- ished everyone; they never guessed the real reason for it; that I was a child. That I feasted on milk and cheese seemed humorous to people. My speed at learning also drew love from everyone around me. I could write Italian, English and Latin within a short time. Uncompromising saintliness took me body and soul. There was no task too low for me to perform. I went with those who tended the lepers outside the gates of the town. LASHER I had no fear of the lepers. I could have had it, I think, but I did not cultivate it, and therein lies a key to my nature...
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