Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But i was alone it had not even deigned to answer me

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Unformatted text preview: y across the entire darkening glen and passed through the nave, once again, making the wild grass bend to and fro, and ruffling around me 34i as if to embrace me. The moon had risen a bit, and the stars were shining through. And suddenly beyond the very end of the nave, where the rose window had once been, where the arch stood at its height, I saw the spirit himself, immense, and huge and dark and translucent, spread across the sky like a great storm rolling in, only silent, and collect- ing and re-collecting and then in one sudden burst dispersing into nothingness. Clear sky, the moon, the distant mountain, the wood. All that was plain and still and the air felt cold and empty. My lantern burnt on bright. I stood alone. The Cathedral seemed to grow taller around me, and I to be dwarfed and vain and petty and desperate. I sank down to the ground. I drew up my knee, and rested my hand and my chin upon it. I peered through the dark. I wished for Lasher's memories to come to me. But nothing came but my loneliness, and my sense of t...
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