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But michael curry was a different sort from the

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Unformatted text preview: d Ryan, and Clancy. Corporation lawyers; their whole goal in life was to see how much they could leave undisturbed. Mayfair and Mayfair was a law firm full of vinyl people. "Never mind," her mother had said once to her criticism. "They take care of all the money so that you and I don't have to worry about a thing." "I wonder if that's such a good idea," Mona had said, watching her mother miss her mouth with the cigarette, and then grope for the glass of wine on the table. Mona had pushed it towards her, disliking herself for doing it, disliking that she did it because it was torture to watch her mother not be able to find it on her own. But Michael Curry was a different sort from the Mayfair men alto- gether-husky and relaxed, more beautifully hirsute, altogether lack- ing in the perpetual preppie gleam perfected by men like Ryan, yet very adorable in a beastly way when he wore his dark-rimmed glasses and read Dickens the way he'd been doing it this very afternoon when she'd gone up to his r...
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