Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But at last i had title to all of it and i had set up

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Unformatted text preview: ic we took with us. We stayed in the glen for a full week. I tell you I was glad to get back to civilization. But he said the strangest thing when he left me here, after our final dinner. " 'You didn't really find what you wanted up there, did you?' I asked him. " 'No, indeed, I didn't, and thank God for that, if there is one.' He went out of the house and then he came back. 'Let me tell you some- thing, old friend. Never make light of the legends of those glens,' he said. 'And never laugh at the story of Castle Glamis. The little people are still to be found, and they'd bring the witches to the Sabbat if they could for the old purpose.' "Naturally I said to the man, 'What purpose?' But he wouldn't answer on that, and seemed to be sincere in his silence." "But what is the Glamis Castle story?" asked I. "Oh, that there is some curse in that family, you see, and when they tell the new heir he never smiles again. Many have written of that. I've been to Glamis Castle. Who knows? But this man from the Talamasca, h...
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