Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But it didnt seem so and the more i brooded the more

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Unformatted text preview: . "A Taltos is nothing!" he said, leaning close to me. "Go into the forests if you would be a Taltos. The little people will find you. They will take you prisoner and seek to make by you a legion of giants. It will not happen. It cannot happen. Your progeny will be monstrous or nothing. But a saint! Dear God, you can be a saint!" Ah, the little people, yes. I gazed at him, trying to understand him. "You can be a saint!" Several men had come into the Cathedral, heavily armed and cov- ered in furred capes, and to these he gave his instructions in Latin, which at that point I barely understood. I knew I would be taken "by sea" to Italy. And that I was a prisoner, and in terror I stood there, and then in my desperation I turned to face the window of St. Ashlar as if he could save me from all this. I looked up at the stained-glass window and at this moment a simple 503 miracle occurred. The sun had risen, and though it did not strike this window with its rays, the great swelling light filled it...
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