Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But it only grew stronger more richly colored as

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Unformatted text preview: s?" he said. "Someone came in that window?" "Tried to come," she said. Her voice was foggy with sleep. "Do you smell that smell?" She turned and looked at him, and before he could make an answer, she started to dress. Michael went to the window and cranked shut the green blinds immediately. The corner beyond stood deserted or so dark beneath the oaks that it might as well have been. The mercury street lamp was like a moon face snared in the branches above. Michael brought down the sash, and turned the lock. Should have been locked all the time! He was furious. 187 "Do you smell it?" she said. She was dressed when he turned around. The room was all shadows now that he had shut out the corner light. She came to him and turned her back for him to tie her cotton sash. "Goddamnit, who was it?" The stiff starched cotton felt good to his fingers. He tied the sash as best he could, having never done this for a little girl before, trying to make the bow pretty when he was finished with it. She turned around, staring past him at the window. "You don't catch that scent, do yo...
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