Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But it was comfortable this car and it was fast what

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Unformatted text preview: -time to this case. This investi- gation is proceeding very rapidly, and someday you will hear the whole tale. Until then, all is secret. Do not ask to speak to Aaron again." Do not ask to speak to Aaron again? Yuri couldn't sleep after that. He went down into the kitchen. The kitchen was made up of several huge, cavernous rooms and full of the smell of baking bread. Only the night cooks worked, preparing this bread and pushing it into the huge ovens, and they took no notice of Yuri as he poured himself some coffee, with cream, and sat on a wooden bench by the fire. Yuri realized that he could not abide by this directive from the Elders! He realized very simply that he loved Aaron, indeed that he was so dependent upon Aaron that he could not think of life without him. It is a terrible thing to realize that you depend so much upon another; that your entire sense of well-being is connected to that one- that you need him, love him, that he is the chief witness of your life. Yuri was disappointed in himself and leery. But this was the realiza- tion. He w...
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