Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But maybe that was a mistake or they had lifted her

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Unformatted text preview: architecture full of designer names and famous faces and advertisements for the sort of fine items which were everywhere in this very room. "You don't remember Cambridge?" asked Yuri. "Those afternoons when I read Virgil to you? You don't remember my translation of Marcus Aurelius that I made for you?" "Remember it." Aaron pressed his lips together. "I carry it with me. I'm going soft in the head. I'm so used to those of your generation not reading Latin. Just a slipup. The day I first laid eyes on you, how many languages did you speak?" "I don't know. I know what I don't know. Let me read it." "Yes, but tell me first what you found out." 445 "Stolov is at the Windsor Court, very fancy, very expensive. He has two other men with him, possibly three. There are others from the Order. They were following me when I came back down Chartres Street to come here. There is a man across the street. All of them same age, same style-young Anglo-Saxon or Scandinavian, dark suits, same thing. I would say there are six...
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