Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But neither was there a phone anymore and when she

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Unformatted text preview: no. His need for air was his great vulnerability. It was conceivable that he 223 could be smothered. But he was so strong. So very strong. What would happen to him in water? They left Paris for Berlin. He did not like the sound of the German language; it was not ugly to him, but "pointed," he said, he couldn't shut out the sharp intrusive sounds. He wanted to get out of Germany. That week she miscarried. Cramps like seizures, and blood all over the bathroom before she'd realized what was happening. He stared at the blood in utter puzzlement. I have to rest, she said again. If only she could rest, some quiet place, where there was no singing and no poems and nothing, just peace. But she scraped up the tiny gelatinous mass at the core of her hemorrhage. An embryo at that stage of pregnancy would have been microscopic. There was something here, and it had limbs! It repulsed her and fas- cinated her. She insisted that they go to a laboratory where she could study it further. She managed three hours there before people began to question them. She had made copious notes...
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