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Unformatted text preview: ne eyebrow arched slightly. "Speak to me, tell me what did you see when you came to that house so long ago?" "Why do you want me?" She dared to take one more step, very tentative. The beach lay behind. What if she were to run, across the yard over the boardwalk? And the long beach seemed the empty de- serted landscapes of horrid dreams. Had she not dreamed this very thing long ago? Never, never say that name! "I'm clumsy now," he said with sudden heartfelt sincerity. "I think when I was a spirit I had more grace, did I not? I came and went at the perfect moment. Now I blunder through life, as do we all. I need my Mayfairs. I need you all. Would that I were singing in some still and beautiful valley; in the glen, under the moon. And I could bring you all together, back to the circle. Oh, but we will never have such luck now, Giffbrd. Love me, Gifford." He turned away as if in pain. It wasn't that he wanted her sympathy or expected it. He didn't care. He was anguished and si...
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