Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But our order was much torn by matters of

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Unformatted text preview: w them back inside my velvet cloak. 499 "What is this thing, Taltos," I said, suddenly turning to face the three of them, who were staring at me in silence. "What is it you called me? And who is Ashlar, the saint who comes again?" At this last question, my father closed his eyes in grave disappoint- ment and bowed his head. His father looked ferocious with righteous anger, but the priest only continued to gaze at me as though I had come from heaven. He was the one who spoke. "You are he, my son," he said. "You are Ashlar, for it was God's gift to Ashlar that he should be flesh more than once, indeed that he should come again and again into the world for the honor and the glory of his Creator, granted this dispensation from the laws of nature, as was the Virgin when she was assumed into heaven, and as the prophet Elijah who was borne off to heaven, body and soul. God has seen to it that you would find your way into the world more than once through the loins of a woman, and perhaps even through a woman's sin." "Aye, th...
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