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But thats just a guess and there is something also

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Unformatted text preview: le with our own DNA? I mean can you split the strand and combine it with our-" "No. God, you surgeons are geniuses. Forty percent similarity isn't enough. You can't breed rats to monkeys, Lark. And there's some other violent reaction going on. Maybe just too much conflicting genetic instruction being given by its DNA. Damned if I know. But they sure as hell don't combine. I haven't been able to culture it with any human cells. But that doesn't mean it can't be done. The thing might have come about because of very rapid repetitive mutations inside of nucleo- tides in a given gene." "Back up, I can't follow that. Like you just said, I'm a surgeon." "I always knew you guys didn't really know what you were doing." "Mitch, if we did know what we were doing, how could we do it? When you need us, and pray you never do, you'll bless us for our ignorance and our sense of humor and our sheer nerve. Now . . . this thing ... it can't breed with humans?" "Not unless they're...
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