Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But the maddening thing was he couldnt get a moment

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Unformatted text preview: advice of a thirteen-year- old girl!" "That's not true," said Lily. "We all want to do it. Randall, please help us. Please don't be trouble at this time." They went out en masse, moving through the shadowy hall. Mona had never liked this elevator. It was too small, too dusty, too old and too powerful and it went too fast. She followed the two old men inside, helping Fielding to the one chair in the corner, a small wooden antique chair with a cane seat. Then she pulled shut the door, clanged the gate and pressed the button. She put her hand on Fielding's shoulder. "Re- member, it stops with a jolt." There came the slamming halt as predicted. "Damn thing," muttered Fielding. "Typical of Stella, to get an elevator strong enough to take people to the top of the American Bank." "There is no more American Bank," said Randall. "Well, you know what I mean," said Fielding. "Don't be short- tempered with me. This isn't my idea. I think it's ridiculous. Why don't we go...
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