Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But the priest went to the far wall and reaching up

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Unformatted text preview: him to her at once. She uttered something I could not grasp-something to do with a witch coupling with a witch, and that Douglas had been her terrible error, and that in trying to give the King an heir, she had made a witch's tragic mistake. She fell back near to unconsciousness. A message was given through a small window in the doorway to a secret passage. It was the midwife now who calmed the other women and told the men through the door, at last, the tragic news: the Queen's child had been stillborn. Stillborn! I began to laugh, a soft laughter which seemed a great comfort to me; as wondrous as breathing or milk tasting. But the women only became alarmed. I should have been born in love and in joy and I knew it. This was all wrong. The voices through the door said the King would see his infant son. I^A a M f, K "Please get clothes for me," I said. "Hurry. I cannot remain naked and undefended in this place." At once they were glad to have this direction. And by the same secret window in the door to the secret passage the message was given...
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