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But the truly awful part for mona was that aunt

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Unformatted text preview: e about the pearls. That had pretty much been Ancient Evelyn's quota of speech for the next three or four weeks. Gifford had been sick after that, sick for months. Strife exhausted Gifford, which was only logical. Uncle Ryan had had to take her to Destin, Florida, to rest at the beach house. Same thing had happened after Deirdre's funeral; Aunt Gifford had been so sick that Ryan had taken her up to Destin. Aunt Gifford always fled to Destin, to the white beach and the clean water of the Gulf, to the peace and quiet of a little modern house with no cobwebs and no stories. But the truly awful part for Mona was that Aunt Gifford had never given her the Victrola! When Mona had finally cornered her and de- manded to know where it was, Aunt Gifford had said, "I took it up to First Street. I took the pearls there too. I put them back in a safe place. There's where all Oncle Julien's things belong, in that house, along with his memory." And Alicia had screamed and they'd started fight- ing...
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