Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But then mary beth was of a new age postwar post

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Unformatted text preview: oaked. No doubt the seat behind her was wet, and now in the glare of oncoming lights he could see it. Poor man. How disgusting it must all seem to him. That she had lost control of her bladder, when that wasn't it at all. "Go on, now, thanks." She slammed the cab door. But she heard him hollering from inside. "Ma'am, your purse. Here. No, no, that's OK, you already give me plenty money." The truck wouldn't move on. She cut across the ditch, hurriedly, and climbed up into the high grass on the other side, and passed into the dense bank of trees, into the soft relentless chorus of the tree frogs. Up ahead she saw light, and she moved towards it, at last hearing the sound of the truck drive away and vanish within seconds in the silence. "I'm finding a place, .gljiyeth, a soft dry place. Be quiet, and be patient." ^v Mother, I cannot. I must come out. She had come through the trees into a clearing. The lights she'd seen lay way far away to the right. She did not care about them. It was the i1!...
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