Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But there had not been the smidgen perfection had

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Unformatted text preview: g pharmaceutical books she had in her library. Ah, look, Xanax. That could make anyone into a zombie. Why give him that four times a day? They'd taken Xanax away from her mother, because Alicia took it in handfuls with her wine and her beer. Hmmm, this did feel like a very unlucky room. She liked the fancy decorative work above the windows, and the chandelier, but it was an unlucky room. And that smell was in here too. Very faint, but it was here, the delicious smell, the smell that didn't belong in the house, and had something to do with Christmas. She came close to the bed, which was very high like so many old- fashioned beds, and she looked at Uncle Michael lying there, his profile deep in the snow-white cotton cover of the down pillow, dark lashes and eyebrows surprisingly distinct. Very much a man, just a smidgen more testosterone and you would have had a barrel-chested ape with bushy eyebrows. But there had not been the smidgen. Perfection had been the result. " '0 brave new wor...
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