Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But there was rarely a stain upon the cloth she could

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Unformatted text preview: we? We might just catch up with him and ascertain whether or not Rowan is remaining with him of her own free will, and then . . . shoot him. Perhaps." "You know all about it, don't you?" "No, not all about it. That's the disturbing thing. But I know this. If Rowan sent you those samples, it was because Rowan was afraid this thing could breed. Let's go inside, shall we? I'd like to call the family about this incident in Destin. I'd also like to call the Talamasca about Stolov. I have rooms here too, you see. You might call it my New Orleans headquarters. I rather like the place." "Sure, let's go." Before they reached the desk. Lark had regretted the small valise and the one change of clothes. He wasn't going to be leaving here so soon. He knew it. The dim feeling of something unwholesome and menacing warred in him with a new surge of excitement. He liked this little lobby, the amiable southern voices surrounding him, the tall, elegant black man in the...
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