Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But there were times when he despaired afterwards

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Unformatted text preview: you." "No one can be alone, not even the way I was just alone, no one." Mona walked past her, down the hall to the head of the stairs. "No one can be alone!" Mona cried. Mayfairs packed the long lower hall, cigarette smoke rose in layers below the light. Crying, sobbing, the smell of coffee. "Mona, honey, are there any cookies I can put out?" "Mona, did you find her?" "It's Mona, Mona, honey!" LASHER "Well, they were almost like twins, CeeCee and Gifford." "No, I tell you, it wasn't like that." "It's not an illness," Mona said. Bea was puzzled and sad, holding Mona's shoulder. "Well, I know, that's what Aaron said. They are even calling the women in New York and California." "Yes, everywhere." "Oh, God," said Bea. "Carlotta was right. We should have burnt that house. We should have. It came out of that house, didn't it?" "It ain't over yet, Beatrice dear," said Mona. She went down the stair...
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