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But they lie they would use their knowledge for their

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Unformatted text preview: t all this would be copied out and sent to me. And now to his other books he went, finding in the history of the LASHER Picts the same Ashlar and Janet, and the dreadful story of how Janet refused to accept the faith of Christ, and indeed offered to die by fire, cursing her kinsmen and husband, and preferring to be delivered by fire to the gods than live with cowardly Christians. "Now this is all legend, you understand. Nobody really knows about the Picts, you see. And it's confusing. Doesn't even really say for sure that they were Picts. Here, see these words in Gaelic, this means 'tall men and women of the glen.' And this here, it can be roughly translated to mean 'the big children.' "Ah, here, King Ashlar, defeated the Danes in the year 567, waving the fiery cross before their fleeing armies. Janet, daughter of Ranald, burnt at the stake by Ashlar's clan in 567, though the saint himself was innocent, and begged his newly converted followers to show mercy." He took down yet another book. LEGENDS OF THE HIGHLANDS "Ah, here we are. St. Ashlar, still v...
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