Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But wait a minute maybe aunt viv is still awake maybe

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Unformatted text preview: he said gently, taking her by the left shoulder, and forcing her back. She found it almost painful suddenly that this man was right there, and she probably couldn't get him to do what she wanted, and maybe never would. "I know, Uncle Michael. But you have to understand that we have our family traditions." "Is that so?" "Oncle Julien slept with my great-grandmother in this house when she was thirteen. That's how come I'm so clever." "And pretty," he said. "But I inherited something from my ances- tors too. It's called moral fiber." He raised his eyebrows, smiling at her slowly, taking her hand now and patting it as if she really were a little kitten or a child. Best to step back. He looked groggier now than when they'd started. It seemed wrong, really, to try to draw him to her. Yet she ached for him. She really did; she ached for intimacy with him and the entire world of adults which he embodied for her. Stranded in childhood, she sudd...
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