Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But what do they have in new york do they have what i

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Unformatted text preview: hroat. Lark waited, and when it was clear that he had lost Mitch totally, he drew him back. "Rowan said something about interference at the birth of this thing. Possible chemical or thermal interference. She wouldn't explain what she was talking about." "Well," said Mitch, scrawling still, and running his left fingers through his pile of straight dry hair. "There was thermal activity, obviously, and the chemical activity was enormous. There's some other fluid on these rags. Lots of it. It's like colostrum, you know, what comes before women start nursing, only it's different, too. Much denser, more acidic, full of nutrients like the milk, but with a composition all its own. Much more lactase. But to get back to your question, yes, there was interference, but it's hard to say whence it came." "Could it have been psychic?" "You're asking me? And this is a private conference? We aren't calling the National Enquirer when we get out of here? Of course it could have be...
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