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But what was he she had lived with the illusion from

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Unformatted text preview: ldn't hear and smiling at her only in passing before they both sat down again, and she slept beneath the blanket. From Frankfurt they flew to Zurich. He went with her to the bank. She was now weak and dizzy and her breasts were full of milk and ached continuously. At the bank she was quick and efficient. She hadn't even thought of escape. Protection, subterfuge, those were her only concerns, oh, fool that she had been. She arranged for enormous transfers of funds, and different ac- counts in Paris and in London that would give them money, but could not likely be traced. "Let's go now to Paris," she said, "because when they receive these wires they'll be looking for us." In Paris, she saw for the first time that a faint bit of hair had grown on his belly, around his navel, curling, and a tiny bit around each of his nipples. The milk was flowing more freely now. It would build up with incredible pleasure. She felt listless and dull-minded as she lay there, letting him suck from her, letting his silky hair tickle her belly, her thighs. He continued to eat soft food, but the milk from her...
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