Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

But you have it stolov said nothing but held his gaze

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Unformatted text preview: even of soft drums: Rejoice Rejoice Emmanuel Shall come to thee 0 Israel! High in the tower, the bell began its ringing, too rapid for the Devil's Knell, but more the clarion to call all the faithful from moun- tain and valley and shore. There were a few cries of "The Protestants will hear the bell! They will destroy us." But more and lustier cries of "Ashlar, St. Ashlar, Father Ashlar. It is our saint returned." "Let the Devil's Knell be sounded!" I declared. "Drive the witches and the evil ones from the valley! Drive out the Protestants, for surely they will hear the Devil's Knell too." There were cheers of approbation. And then a thousand voices were raised in the Advent hymn and I retired into the sacristy to put on my full raiment, my Christmas chasuble and vestments of bright green-gold, for the town had them, yes, the town had them as beautiful and embroidered and rich as any I had ever seen in wealthy Florence, and I was soon dressed as a priest...
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