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But you have more faith in me right mona absolutely

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Unformatted text preview: t means?" "Three lines of descent, from Julien?" "Yep, and then the other tangled lines from everybody else. With- out a computer, no one could even put it all together. But I have a computer and I figured it all out. I've got more Mayfair blood in me than just about anybody in the whole family. It's all 'cause my father and mother were too close as cousins to get married, but my father got my mother pregnant, and that was it. And besides, we're all so inter- married it doesn't make much difference . . ." She stopped, she was doing her chattering number. Too much talk for a man his age who was this sleepy. Play it with more craft. "You're OK, big boy," she said. "Throw out the drugs." He smiled. "You mean I'm going to live? I will climb ladders and hammer nails once again?" "You'll wield your hammer like Thor," she said. "But you do have to get off all these sedatives. I don't know why they're drugging you like this, probably scared if they don't that you'll wor...
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