Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

By then lasher had gathered his wits if thats what

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Unformatted text preview: ver the Sunshine Bridge and into that land, and see the ruins of Fontevrault, for many many things happened there. But let me only say now, that with Tobias, the eldest son of Augus- tin, I was never reconciled. He had been a toddler on the night of the killing, and in later years his hate for me remained great, though his line was prosperous and they kept to the name Mayfair and their progeny married with our progeny. This was one of many branches of the family tree. But it was one of the strongest. And as you know Mona comes from this line, and from my later entanglement with it. Now, to return to our day-to-day life, as Katherine became more and more beautiful, Marguerite began to fade, as if some vital energy were drawn from her by her daughter. But nothing of the sort really happened. Marguerite was only mad with her experiments, of trying to bring the dead infants back to life, of inviting Lasher to plunge into their flesh, and make the limbs move, but he could never restore the soul itself. The idea was preposterous. Nevertheless, she delved...
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