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Cant anyone in this family figure out anything for

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Unformatted text preview: again. In one of the dreams, Oncle Julien had said, dancing to the record on the Victrola: "The waltz is from La Traviata, my child, good music for a courtesan." Julien danced, and the pinched little soprano voice sang on and on. She had heard the melody so distinctly. Rare to be able to hum a song that you hear in a dream. Lovely scratchy sound to the Victrola. Ancient Evelyn had later recognized the song Mona was humming. It was from Verdi-Violetta's waltz. "That was Julien's record," she'd said. "Yes, but how am I going to get the Victrola?" Mona had asked in the dream. "Can't anyone in this family figure out anything for herself!" Oncle Julien had almost wept. "I'm so tired. Don't you see? I'm getting weaker and weaker. Cherie, please wear a violet ribbon. I don't care for pink ribbons, though it is very shocking with red hair. Wear violet for your Oncle Julien. I am so weary-" "Why?" she'd asked. But he had already disappeared. That had...
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