Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Carlotta never found it and these these are pictures

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Unformatted text preview: imstone. She's a beast. You may not see me again so soon, ducky dear, I may run away with that Talamasca person from England." "No good can come of that!" she said. "I feel afraid." "Dance tonight. Have fun. Come on. You cannot wear my pearls if you won't dance." And never again had they even spoken together, she and Stella. Oh, to see the blood oozing on the waxed floor. Well, yes, Evelyn had answered Carlotta later, she did have the pearls but she'd left them there at the house that night, and after that she would never answer another question about them. Over the decades, others asked. Even Lauren came in time and asked. "They were priceless pearls. You don't remember what hap- pened to them?" And young Ryan, Giffbrd's beloved, and her beloved, even he had been forced to bring up the unpleasant subject. "Ancient Evelyn, Aunt Carlotta will not drop the question of these pearls." At least Gifford had kept her counsel then, thank heaven, and Gifford had lo...
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