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Carry it always you have other reasons he gestured to

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Unformatted text preview: this is not something you would have ever done lightly. Once again the burden for this tragedy lies with us. Let us now come to the point. You are no longer members of the Talamasca. You are excommunicated without prejudice, which means simply that you are honorably separated from the Order, from its privileges, its obligations, its records and its support. You have no further permission from us to make any use of records compiled by you while you were under our wing. You cannot reproduce, discuss, circulate any knowledge you have now or may come to have on the subject of the Mayfair Witches. We wish to be very explicit on this point. The investigation of the Mayfair Witches is now in the hands of Erich Stolov and Clement Norgan, as well as several other men who have worked with these two in other parts of the world. They will proceed to make contact with the family- without your assistance and with full disclosure that you are no longer connected with us and that they are not connected with you. We are asking you only this: do not interfer...
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