Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Close the door she said in a rough choking voice her

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Unformatted text preview: e slipped forward on the uneven edge of the hole, left hand pitched out to the other side of the grave to steady himself, as with his right, he reached down and groped for that green sparkling thing. He almost lost his balance, then felt the hard edges of the emerald. He yanked the chain loose from the bloody, tangled cloth. Up out of the darkness it came, nestled in the palm of his muddy hand. "Got you!" he whispered, staring at it. It had been around the creature's neck, inside his clothes. He held it, turning it, letting the starlight find it, the jewel of jewels. No great emotion came to him. Nothing. Only a sad, grim satisfac- tion that he had the Mayfair emerald, that he had snatched it from oblivion, from the covert unmarked grave of the one who had finally lost. Lost. His vision was blurred. But then it was so divinely dark out here, and so still. He gathered up the gold chain the way you might a rosary, and shoved it-jewel and chain-into the pocket of his pants. He closed his e...
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