Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Come inside with us said aaron to yuri they need us

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Unformatted text preview: to take care of everything. We're going to ... going to take care of everything." He was scared of saying something like, "We'll find this bastard thing, this monster." No, who would want to say that to the innocent, blank creature lying there, the grotesque remnant of a woman who knew how to operate with perfect precision and success upon other people's brains? Mona knew that Rowan couldn't hear anything. There was nothing in there listening anymore. The brain was still working, a little, caus- ing the lungs to function at a completely mechanical pace, causing the heart to pump with the same frightening regularity, but the outer extremities of the body grew more and more cold. At any moment the brain might stop giving orders. The body would die. The mind had no concern for itself any longer. The boss of the body had fled. The electroencephalogram was almost flat. The tiny little blips here and there were no more than you would get if you hooked up the machine to a dead brain in a room on a table. You always got something, they said. Rowan had been badly physically hurt. That was really ugly. There w...
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