Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Come on julien she must know what she is its an old

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Unformatted text preview: it knows. This is what it wants. There is no battle between us." "Is that so?" I asked. "Has it told you what I would do for it next? That I should father a witch by you?" I was trembling with apprehen- sion and rage. She smiled at me in a soft appeasing and calm way, and then, stroking my face, said: "Now, really, when the time comes, will that be so very hard, my darling?" THAT night I dreamed of witches in the glen. I dreamed of orgies. I dreamed of all manner of things I would forget but never did. From Edinburgh we went to London. There we remained until Mary Beth gave birth to Belle in 1888, and from the beginning we knew the radiant child was not normal only because Lasher had told us. In London, I procured a large book with a leather cover and fine- quality parchment paper, and I wrote down everything I knew of Lasher in it. I wrote down everything I knew of our family. I had much such writing at home, other books started, stopped, forgotten. But now, from memory I collected everythin...
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